What I Do
Contractual Work

As a psychologist I endeavour to maintain a balance between supporting professionals, working for and in schools and working for families.  I feel this layered approach promotes a richness of understanding of the environments which ultimately impact our children and young people.  




I am interested in working in a small number of schools on a regular basis. This permits the development of relationships and promotes proactive rather than reactive responses. Visits are contracted on a half or full-day basis. 


Work in school can be individualised according to needs and can include:

  • individual pupil assessment, recommendations and support to implement and review programmes for learning and social, emotional and mental health needs

  • therapeutic work with individuals or groups of children and young people

  • informal discusions with teachers about a class or pupils

  • staff training and follow-up support needed to embed the training/learning into the school culture and practice.



At any one time I am able to work with a small number of families for a short period of time. This work is tailored to the family but for example has included individual work with a child on understanding their anger through the use of CBT techniques and then supporting adults with their parenting through individual consultations using Emotion Coaching.

Discrete pieces of work


I have provided training in Emotion Coaching, to many educational psychology services, schools, CAMHS teams and parent groups throughout the UK and beyond. I am happy to tailor training to suit the needs of individual organisations. 



I am often asked by parents to work with their child due to some concerns they have about their progress at school and/or behaviour at home.  Given the importance of context,  I try to ensure that I have knowledge about the school which the child attends.  Assessments take place wherever a parent feels it would be best; their home, my office or school.  As well as working with a child on an individual basis, I also collect information from parents and the school.  My written reports are very much oriented to the "what next" part of the assessment process and suggested strategies and interventions are given high importance.


A critical part of the assessment process is a final three-way meeting.  Once the report has been written I offer this meeting between myself, the school and the parents.  This acts as a springboard for future planning and action.  




Schools have requested my support for individual pupils.  This may include discussions with relevant staff at school, observations of the child in class and/or playground, discusisons with parents.  Following this a formulation is made and again strategies and suggestions recommended.  Ideally this piece of work has a follow-up discussion at an agreed later date.


Schools may also request specific training for staff tailored to the needs of their school.