Comments on the benefit of support provided by Licette Gus in schools

  • "It is always a pleasure to have Licette in school.  We consider her part of our support team".

  • "Licette is very friendly and approachable; she puts the students at ease and they enjoy working with her".

  • "Licette gives detailed, supportive feedback to teachers and parents following her assessments".

Evaluations from schools have noted:

  • Practical advice and training for staff to suport their work with our young people.

  • Practical strategies for staff.

  • Helped us build capacity for staff including teaching assistants.

  • Support to implement and review strategies

  • Emotion Coaching training sessions promote staff-pupil relationships and help children to understand and regulate emotions.


Comments on the benefit of support provided by Licette Gus for families


"A unique abiity to inspire trust in parents, children and teachers.  The children love their time with Licette. Parents feel completely confident in her ability to provide a measured and experienced diagnosis of their child's dificulties. Licette brings out the positive sides to a child's abilities as well as addressing the difficulties".


"Friendly, professional and really listened to my concerns.  Put us on the right track for improvement".


" I valued Licette's insight, the structure of her report and the empathy she developed for my son's challenges.  I appreciate the trouble she went to to brief the schools and to help them design an IEP that was effective".


"We thoroughly enjoyed meeting you and appreciate your connection with our son.  We felt you brought great clarity to a troubling situation".

"I have worked with Licette for over 10 years in her capacity of Educational Psychologist, assessing the pupils at my school and advising parents.  She provides an excellent service for the school and the parents alike and is 100% committed to helping to improve pupils’ academic successes. She instantly strikes up a good rapport with the pupils she works with and parents feel well supported and informed throughout the process of the assessment.  Licette is always up to date with the latest research in her field and is keen to pass this information on to us when she visits the school.  Her thorough feedback to staff and parents, both verbal and through her written report, means that we are able to formulate the best plan for supporting that pupil in school and at home.  Even though the school has worked with other Educational Psychologists, we have an enduring relationship with Licette because she is so good!"


Comments by a previous colleague

Licette is a very experienced and skilled practitioner psychologist. She is intelligent, reliable and enthusiastic as she enjoys her vocation.

Licette continuously strives to develop and improve her skills and the quality of services for clients, through user feedback, self-reflection and supervision. She engages fully in supervision and CPD activities, such as training and keeping up to date with research literature to ensure continuous improvement through implementation of new learning into her practice.

She is a team player – enjoying collaborative working with her peers within and across agencies. Licette excels at promoting and improving access to psychological services.  

She is a remarkable ambassador for the profession and a fun, creative and motivational role model within the service. It has been a privilege to work with and supervise Licette over 6 years. I recommend Licette to you.